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  • STB051
    Whoop De Do by Star Bird *NEW*

    A superb new foraging toy from Starbird. The Whoop De Do is a coconut with a twist, a spiral cut through the skin and husk. It can be slid over a perch, branch or boing or hung on a rope. The spiral cut is ideal for hiding treats, wedging things into it, and will make it more tantilising for your bird to get chomping on the nut. This parrot product is a foraging toy, shredding toy and chew toy all rolled into one twisty coconut!

    Dimensions: Approx 7-8"  diameter. Hole size - 1 1/2"

    Bird Size: Small to Large birds (If not placing over a branch be sure to check that your birdís head is not too small or big that it could get stuck in the hole).

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