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Avitech AviTemp Infrared Heat Element 250W


AviTemp heat elements produce radiant heat but are totally dark and do not disturb day/night cycles. Made of ceramic, like coffee mugs, they will not shatter if splashed and will last many times longer than glass heat lamps.AviTemp heat elements are ideal for sheltered outdoor locations and poorly heated porches, garages, basements, etc.The heat elements are used in a porcelain-socket reflector that directs the radiant heat.The heat element is very hot and must be located outside of cages or otherwise protected from contact with birds or their caretakers. Please use extreme caution when using a heat lamp. If located too close to your cage or left on too long, you can put your bird's life in jeopardy.


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  • AviTemp heat elements are completely dark so that normal sleep cycles are preserved.
  • Higher wattage AviTemp elements can be used outdoors if protected against rain and snow.
  • These are screw-in infrared elements that are a must for all bird lovers. With one of these elements and a ceramic-based reflector/lampholder, you can also create an instant hospital cage.
  • Ceramic heat elements have no delicate filaments and will last up to 4 times longer than glass heat bulbs. Highly efficient, they produce even infrared radiant heat. Glass heat bulbs may waste up to 25% of their energy as light.
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