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Aronico Helix Large 36"

The Aronico Helix opens a whole new world of play activities and foraging opportunities. They are perfect at keeping little birdie legs and feet strong and healthy, superb at rehab for injured feet. They can be tied together to make a wheel with spokes, hung vertically for a climbing rope with lots of great twists and turns to hold onto.  They can be tied inside cages to make perches that are actually good for birdie feet.  Hang toys, insert treats and stems of greens into the holes and let your imagination run wild. Rope is 3/4" and length is approximately 36". 

Before and "after" courtesy of Bruno and his mom, Melissa, in Texas

Rating: 5 star(s)

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$19.89 / each

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:My grey loves to play with this toy he spend hours trying to rip off a piece and when he does he takes it back to his cage and plays with it. Would recommend highly!

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