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Ferris Wheel Swing LARGE by Paradise Toys

SKU: K-PT822

Great as a swing

Make it a foraging toy by inserting treats into the wheel

Use it as a toy!

A carnival of delight in three sizes to charm any sized bird. Wooden beads and chewable blocks are strung on a chain. In the middle is a wooden perch with a wooden wheel that spins around as your bird plays. Beads inside wheel clack to inspire your bird to see what's inside. It's ideal for stashing foraging treats. Two quick-link attachments are included so you can use it as a hanging toy or as a swing. Assorted colors.


Recommended for medium birds, such as african greys, timneh greys, red lored amazons, blue front amazons, goffin cockatoos, rosebreasted cockatoos and similarly sized birds.

12" x 9" x 6" wide

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$17.60 / Each

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