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Prevue Corner Perch for Small Birds

SKU: PV3300

Natural wood corner perch is 10" in diameter. Great for smaller birds from Parrotlets to small Conures. Superb for special-abled birds.


10" x 5" x 1.5"

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Prevue Hendryx Wood Corner Shelf PerchOur Prevue Hendryx Wood Corner Shelf Perch does the job of three separate cage accessories! This corner shelf works as a perch for your bird to rest or play on, it's great as a storage platform or you can use this shelf as a convenient spot to hang more bird toys. To add excitement or simply to change things up, you can move this shelf perch to a different corner or different height for a new view. You can even use multiple perches for multiple birds to give them each their own space. Easily attaches to the corner of any size bird cage with included washer-style mounting hardware.
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