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Wingabago Carrier Large

SKU: N-WG15472

The lightweight, transparent Wingabago® carrier for birds and exotic pets gives your pet a clear view of their surroundings and allows you to monitor their safety quickly. Birds do not feel trapped or claustrophobic in the Wingabago®. They can see out and you can see in. Veterinarians consulted indicated bird experience less stress during travel if they can see their owners.




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$218.95 / Each

The Wingabago® is made of FDA approved, food grade plastic, which is stronger, more resilient and lighter weight than acrylic carriers of similar size.

The Large Wingabago® measures 15 x 15 x 22, and weighs less than nine pounds. The perch sits 6” above the bottom of the carrier. The large Wingabago® is the right size for Cockatoos, including Moluccans, and Mini Macaws. The large Wingabago® is not recommended for full size Macaws. It is not big enough to accommodate the long tail.

  • The Wingabago® is easily secured in the car by using your car’s seatbelt system.
  • All the mess is contained inside the carrier, not all over your car.
  • Keeps curious beaks contained. They can’t chew through your armrest, seat belt strap or car upholstery. We’ve heard stories!
  • Easy to clean. There are no seams or right angles for poop to get stuck in. All corners are rounded.
  • Won’t damage you or your car. There are no sharp edges to scratch or gouge you or your car upholstery.
  • Birds can perch naturally. The perch is high enough off the bottom of the carrier that most birds can perch with their tail off the ground, and, the perch is low enough that if they fall off the perch, they can get back on.
  • The Wingabago® protects your bird from drafts from wind and air conditioners.
  • The Wingabago® carrier nest in two halves reducing required storage space when not in use.
  • The most important feature is that birds really love their Wingabago®. They can see everything going on around them, but they feel safe and secure inside their Wingabago®.

The Wingabago® is more than just a travel carrier. In addition to travel, the Wingabago® can be used for a number of other purposes:

  • Comfortable bedroom. We were surprised to learn from many Wingabago® owners that their bird sleeps in their Wingabago®.
  • Mess Free Dining Room. Some birds are just like babies. Food everywhere. Mealtime in the Wingabago® contains the mess, and makes cleanup easier.
  • Soothing Sick Room. Keep sick birds warm and calm in their Wingabago®. It also keeps sick birds quarantined from healthy birds.
  • Time Out Room. We don’t like to think the Wingabago® could be associated with punishment, but it works!
  • The Wingabago® comes with everything you will need. Both size carriers come with 3 dowel perches (3/4”, 1”, and 1 ¼” diameter), 2 stainless steel food and water cups, the all important toy hangar, and a travel safety guide.

    For medium size birds like Amazons, African Greys, Eclectus, and smaller Cockatoos, either size will work. It all depends on how you will use it. If your primary use is to transport your bird for short trips to the vet and around town, we recommend the small Wingabago®.

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