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Turn 'N Learn Logs


Add healthy foraging activity to your bird's environment with this puzzle/treat holder device. Hide your birdie's favorite treats inside the logs. Twist the Turn 'N Learn Logs together and hang.

For beginners, the logs may be twisted loosely. Birds just can't resist the twisting fun!

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$17.82 / Each

Your bird must unlock the chamber to expose the hidden treasures. Hide treats - fruit, nuts, etc. inside the chamber, close and turn to lock, hang in the cage and your parrot's instincts will soon take over. Made from durable polymer to withstand potential damage incurred from tough chewers The Tunr N Learn Logs satisfies the daily need to search for food Promotes foraging and incorporates problem solving skills. To be used by African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus as well as birds as large as Macaws.
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