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Capiz Shell Hyacinth Macaw Box

Capiz Trinket Box. This is an exquisite Capiz box. Capiz is a province in the Philippines that gets its name from the shell which flourishes copiously there. The shells at maturity are nearly flat and can grow to almost 6 inches. Capiz is made from the shell of the windowpane oyster. These shells belong to a bivalve mollusk that is found in the shallows of the Gulf of Aden, around India, Malaysia, the South China Sea and the Philippines. The colors are vibrant and the artistry is superb! Make great gifts or an addition to any collection. This is a beautiful hyacinth macaw box and the colors are incredibly bright and beautiful! Measures 3 inches by 3 inches and is approximately 2 inches high.

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$11.99 / Each

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