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Java Wood Branch Medium with Toys

SKU: JW18448

A bolt-on sandblasted java branch decorated with earth-friendly toys made from wood, bamboo, sisal, coconut and even an oyster shell! Please note that each perch is unique and will differ in shape (not size) from the perch pictured.

  • Small branches are approximately 10-12" long - Great for small birds from lovebirds to small conures
  • Medium branches are approxinately 13-14" long - Great for Lorikeets, Sun/Jenday conures, and birds of like size
  • Large branches are approximately 15-18" long - Great for medium to larger birds, from Greys to Macaws
Please specify the type of bird for which this perch will be used, as dimensions vary

Java Wood takes pride in making unique products from non-productive coffee trees, using natural, renewable, recycled and earth-friendly materials.
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