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Jungle Talk Goofy Links Large


Your bird can play with them linked together, or try them disconnected for individual "hand"-held play toys. Or, hook two together and connect to each side of your bird's cage for a wild and crazy perch.



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Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Love this great to find a good sized plastic toy for the bigger birds (greys-macaws). Makes an awesome foot toy!
Cons:I would like to see a thicker and smaller version, as my smaller and bigger birds want to play but its not appropriately sized and would be destroyed way to fast.

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Alternative to wood (which is pretty much all I see for the big guys in most places), he took right to it and screamed when it didn't go to bed with him! I now have to move it every time he switches cages. So, naturally, time to buy more! ; )
Cons:My Catalina is strong ... I would like to see these come even thicker and in some sizing options ... like maybe a couple feet long??? He's a big boy and he was trying to hang from it to get at his other toys! You know that "I'm a macaw and I hang from one toe" routine?!?
Comments:Like I said, my Catalina is a big boy and it's rare for me to find something that makes it past a day or two. He eventually tore these links into smaller pieces (2 days for the first link, then one a day after that), but it doesn't matter because (1) they are reasonably priced and (2) it gives him something other than wood to play with.

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