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EZ Care Floor Activity Center Medium

SKU: G-SP80350

In nature many companion birds spend a large portion of their day exploring and foraging.  This activity includes hours of climbing, reaching, swinging, and just plain old goofing around.  The EZ Care Activity Center allows you to recreate and enjoy this natural behavior in your home environment.


Multiple perches and ladders give your bird a plethora of perching options. Wood perches and ladder rungs ensure a sturdy grip for your bird and help condition nails. Four stainless steel kabob skewers allow you to offer fresh fruit, veggies, or your bird's favorite treat. Activity bar features six toy hooks to prevent your bird from throwing toys to the floor and offer your pet playtime variety while the suspended swing encourages your bird movement and stimulation. The rounded corner seed guard is smoother on humans and household surfaces if bumped. Rolling casters make moving this playstand easy and hassle-free. Storage shelf makes the perfect place to store treats, extra toys, food, and more. This playstand comes in an easy-to-clean powder coated black hammertone finish

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$219.99 / Each

    • Provides enrichment and exercise for your bird and endless entertainment for you.
    • Features an oversized scatter guard for reduced waste and splatter plus a removable plastic tray for EZ cleaning
    • Two large ceramic crocks for food, treats and water
    • Features an activity bar for toys and accessories, a swing, metal ladder, multiple wooden perches, kabob skewres plus a lower wire shelf for storage.
    • Ideal for macaws, cockatoos, amazons, African grays and other medium and large companion birds.
    • 40" long, 26.5" wide, 71" high


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