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Featherbrite LED Full Spectrum/UV Light SET


This item is for the Capitol Universal Light and the Capitol Swag Light that has one socket. The conversion kit changes the light to two sockets so that you can use our new full spectrum LED 5500k daylight bulb and the LED UV bulb. The set includes a "Y" connector that will fit the LED daylight bulb on one side and the LED UV bulb on the other side. 

Included: State of the art LED 16 watt/5500k 91 CRI daylight bulb and the LED 1.5 watt low dose UVA bulb. Measurement for the "Y" adapter with the 2 bulbs is 5 1/2 inches wide and 4 3/4 inches in length. Please note: You must use both bulbs TOGETHER for proper Full Spectrum/UVA lighting to allow absorption of Vitamin D3 by your bird. 

* Will not fit in our "Pagoda" style lights

$42.99 / Set
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