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Planet Pleasures Wreath Rings Small

SKU: JX-PP3380

Recommended for X-Small to  Small  Sized birds, from lovebirds, parrotlets, canaries, finches, cockatiels, etc. to caiques, conures, pionus, etc.. These interlocking rings of all natural fibers woven for super crunchy appeal are great for birds that love texture.  X-small birds can sit in the rings while small birds can swing as they chew.

15" length x 4" width with a 3 3/4" inside ring diameter 

Rating: 4 star(s)

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Rating:4 of 5 - Good
Pros:Our lovebirds have enjoyed the accordion type fold on the paper and have destroyed the middle ring. They prefer to chew on it while sitting next to it on a perch. They have not shown interest in perching on the rings of the toy.
Cons:None that I have seen.

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