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Avian Solution 8 ounce

SKU: Z-ASB-500
Heals, Sanitizes, & Disinfects Naturally. A Safe, Effective Treatment for most Avian Problems. Great for feather plucking. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR EXCELLENT RESULTS WITH FEATHER PICKING

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$13.49 / Each

CLICK ON BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS FOR EXCELLENT RESULTS WITH FEATHER PICKINGHeals, Sanitizes, & Disinfects Naturally. A Safe, Effective Treatment for most Avian Problems. *Reduces fatty tumors *Stops bleeding *Helps prevent damage caused by Psittacosis bacteria, Polyoma virus, Mega bacteria and other fungal problems *Helps heal lacerations, tongue & other punctures, torn or chipped beaks & nails *Excellent for conditioning feathers & feather pickers *Sanitizes/deodorizes cages/ toys *Recommended by vets and professional animal handlers Excellent for feather pickers! Please note: Feather picking can be caused by a health & diet problems. Please consult your vet first whenever feather picking begins 100% Natural. Directions for use on label Use as a spray bath or healing, deodorizing & sanitizing Avian RX, a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing and healing, first aid treatment for pets, the main ingredient is "electrolyzed oxidizing water" and has healing hydrogen ions added that attract the oxygen ions to help accelerate healing from wounds. This amazing product is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti microbial and relieves a host of pet problems In our home we uses this product (on ourselves) for everything from common burns, cuts & scrapes as well as mosquito bites and more. It is amazing how quickly it reduces pain, relieves itching and escalates the healing process. I'm a true believer in this fabulous product! Ingredients; The active ingredient in Avian Solutions RX is Electrolyzed 100% oxidizing water. Avian Solutions RX contains no alcohol, no added chemicals, and no harmful ingredients. It is non-toxic, non corrosive, non allergic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.
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