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Blessings Soak and Sprout 2 Lb

Premium mix of RC milo, wheat,trapper peas. buffalo peas, malt barley, millet, spelt, Australian peas, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, sunflower, pumpkin that sprouts
$15.99 / Each
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Ingredients:  Quinoa, Millet, Pumpkin seeds, Spelt, Brown Rice, Kamut, RC Milo, Popcorn, RC Wheat, Trapper Peas, Buffalo Peas, Malt Barley, Paddy Rice, Austrian Peas, White Safflower, Buckwheat. Analysis* for Blessing's Soak & Sprout Gourmet Blend Crude Protein 15.99% Crude Fat 2.50% Crude Fiber -4.25% Ash 2.25% Moisture 11.50%
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