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Sweet Feet and Beak Pizza Party

SKU: L-SFB50078
The Pizza Party toy features 8 big slices of food grade cardboard pizza covered in food grade shredded paper. All materials are non-toxic and completely bird safe. One slice has Stainless Steel chain and Stainless Steel quick link for hanging. Once your bird destroys the slice, simply put the chain and link on a refill slice (7 included) and let the fun continue. The pizza party is an affordable toy that you’ll enjoy watching your bird spend hours destroying knowing you didn’t spend a fortune! 

Each individual slice measures 9" at the top and is 11" long!

Great for smaller to medium birds, from conures, pionus, hahns macaws, etc. to less aggressive greys, eclectus, cockatoos and similarly sized birds.

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$19.99 / each

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