Scooter Zs

An awesome line of toys and foot toys geared toward the little tikes!

Please note: This company is no longer in business. Once our inventory is depleted, the items will be removed. 

Most metal parts in ScooterZ toys are Stainless Steel. Those which are not are nickel plated. All dyes are totally non-toxic.

  • Scooter Z Snuggly Swing Medium

    SKU: SZ175
    • cozy premium fleece swing with a colorful wooden dowel perch and acrylic beads
    • Removable two pieces of fleece sleeve for laundering - Machine washable
    • The stainless steel whelded frame is refillable with the bottoms that can be screwed off
    • Includes a stainless steel quicklinks and "O" rings

    • Inside measurement: 3 1/2" width X 5 1/2" height
    • Overall Width: 7"
    • Overall Height: 14"
    • Perch diameter: 3/4"

    REG $15.99
  • Scooter Z Treasure Wheel

    SKU: SZ217
    • A cylinder wooden piece embellished with four colorful wooden discs and balls, all held together with 1/8" vegetable tanned leather strips threading six colorful 3/4" pacifiers in the center of the wooden cylinder

    • Width: 6"
    • Overall height: 2"

      Bird Size: Small & Medium
    REG $7.29
  • Scooter Z Dancing Daisy *NEW*

    SKU: SZ256

    For Small, Medium, & Large Sized Birds.  Can be used as a foot toy or hanging toy with the Scooter Z's SS Toy Hanger (Sold Separately).  3" in diameter.

    REG $6.29
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