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Planet Pleasures Bird Toys

Creatively made of earth-friendly materials that birds encounter in the wild with an intentionally balanced design ... they are destructible, yet durable.

BIRD FREE ENVIRONMENT. Buy without worry.

These toys are perfect for parrots that love to destroy things ... but not quickly, leaving your friend bored and looking for more inappropriate things to chew on like your furniture! Many of the toys are made of materials that contain calcium and minerals (cuttlebone and oyster shell) for the health of your bird.
  • Planet Pleasures Flower Tower Large

    SKU: JX-PP3338

    Planet Pleasures Flower Tower Piñata Bird Toys feature woven palm leaf balls stacked upon woven pressed flowers and finished with woven mini toys and a fiber fringe. Woven balls are stuffed with an assortment of natural fibers and shredders ensuring stimulating activity for dedicated chewers and shredders. Attached mini toys are fun to pull and tug while the fine texture of the fiber fringe keep birds that like to preen content. No matter what your birds' play preference, Flower Tower Piñatas Bird Toys keep pet birds fully engaged and provide an acceptable outlet for natural chewing and shredding behavior. Hanging bird toy is a smart choice for feather pluckers. Hanging loop included or use a Quick Link for a more secure hanger.

    4" x 16" - recommended for medium birds to less destructive larger birds

    REG $17.56
  • Planet Pleasures Woven Square Foot Toy Bundle (3)

    SKU: JX-PP3314

    Made using all natural products these small woven square foot toys have been skilfully hand woven with your bird in mind.

    Interesting woven patterns and assorted colours are designed to appeal to your bird and more importantly to keep their beaks and minds entertained, as each of the different styled weaves present your Parrot with a new chewing challenge.

    1 1/4" x 1 1/4"

    REG $6.75
    Sold Out
  • Planet Pleasures Rainbow Shredders Zig Zag Small

    SKU: JX-PP3138

    Who Knew That Natural Palm Leaves Could Be So Much Fun? Shredders Are Tons Of Fun For Birds That Love To Preen And Pick, Particularly Those That Are Having Feather Picking Problems. Handmade By Indigenous People; When You Buy Shredders, You're Supporting Their Livlihood. Size: Toy Is 30' Long X 0.75"" Wide.

    REG $8.32
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