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A variety of safe toys for larger birds

Species: Cockatoos, Macaws, as well as medium-sized birds (Greys, Eclectus, Goffins, Smaller Macaws) who love larger toys.

Please click the pictures of each item for a better view and additional information.

  • Turn 'N Learn Logs

    SKU: K-PTNI2482

    Add healthy foraging activity to your bird's environment with this puzzle/treat holder device. Hide your birdie's favorite treats inside the logs. Twist the Turn 'N Learn Logs together and hang.

    For beginners, the logs may be twisted loosely. Birds just can't resist the twisting fun!

    REG $16.20
  • Super Bird Creations Large Rattle Foot Toy

    SKU: E-SB41

    Wooden barbell with two plastic triangles. Great for medium to larger birds. Approx. 4" long.

    REG: $2.67
    SALE: $2.46
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  • Java Wood Java Bush Large

    SKU: JW46554
    All natural java galore, rattan balls, sisal, wood, coconut, loofa- all from natural earth-friendly materiials. 19" long! Great for medium to large size size birds, from Eclectus and smaller Cockatoos and Macaws.. 19" long.
    REG $31.99
  • Foraging Wheel X-Large by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF755

    * Fill with your choice of foods
    * 6" diameter wheel
    * Mounts vertically with access chamber at the top
    * Parrot spins the wheel to bring food to the recovery chamber

    Made for medium to large birds

    Video courtesy of Cumari, a female Eclectus, and her mom, Jen, in Queensland, Australia

    Thanks, Jen!

    REG: $27.59
    SALE: $25.38
    Sold Out
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