Bird and Parrot Play Gyms

Play gyms provide great out-of-cage activity for your companion bird.

  • PT50013
    Awesome Parrot Window Play Center by Paradise Toys

    Paradise Toys - Awesome Parrot Window Play Center for Small Birds - 12"x9 3/4"x6 3/4"-2.5" dia suction cup

    Small Bird Window Play Center

    We're recommending this for birds no larger than green cheek conures. Ideal for parrotletts - lovebirds - cockatiels and budgies. 

    • Keep your windows damage free
    • Your parrot can view outdoor safely
    • Strong suction cups for safety
    • Sturdy polycarbonate plastic
    • Swinging perch for extra fun

    When secured safely to a window with its suction cups the Window Play Center allows birds to view and enjoy the outdoors through clear, sturdy polycarbonate plastic. It also includes a perch, hanging toy and food and water bowls.

    Regular Price: $39.99
    Sale Price: $35.99
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