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Avian Collar Medium 9 Inch Collar with Snaps

Medium 9 Inch Cone Collar with Snaps

Fits Umbrella Cockatoos, Major Mitchells Cockatoos, Eclectus (Vos, Red-Sided), Congo African Grey  (Fits weight in grams [Approximate] 425-550


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To correctly fit the collar, you may need a pair of scissors.Calmly put your parrot on your lap. Stay calm; let your parrot investigate the collar.  Toweling your parrot to get control of the bird may be necessary.  Most birds will not willingly allow the collar be put on. Slip collar around bird’s neck. Check to be sure neck opening is not too tight.   If you are unable to put the collar on your bird, I suggest taking the bird to your avian vet and have the vet put the collar on.The fabric on the collar is made a bit larger on purpose so you can trim the collar to fit the bird wearing the collar.  If the collar is too tight remove the collar and increase the neck opening (see picture below) until it is a comfortable fit. If the fringe seems a bit too big or heavy, it can be CAREFULLY trimmed.  Don’t EXCESSIVELY trim the fringe unless absolutely necessary.  The fringe is meant to be chewed on by your parrot and may be gone or destroyed before you know it.The circumference of the collar is deliberately overstitched (see picture below) to allow for trimming without compromising quality/durability.  If the collar is too long you can shorten it by cutting along the concentric circular stitching lines. IT IS IMPORTANT YOU ONLY TRIM A SMALL AMOUNT AT A TIME!  If you trim too much, you may destroy the efficiency of the collar.  We can not replace the collar if the client damages the collar by triming off too much.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE your bird may be very upset at having the collar on at first.  Do not worry or fret at his obvious unhappiness at wearing the collar.  He may throw himself around a bit. As a birdie parront it is your duty not to give in and take the collar off.  He WILL get used to the collar in a short time.  When you first put the collar on him and he appears stressed, let him wear it  and keep a close eye on him.  If YOU give up and take the collar off your bird, he will have no chance to heal.  He needs YOU to be strong.
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