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Toby is a rose breasted (Galah) cockatoo that loves his toys.  We made him his first fleece cubby and shortly after putting it in his living space it became his favorite place to be.  Fleece patterns bring color and an element of fun to his environment.  We decided to provide him with rings of fleece which we call ringy dingy's.  Needless to say he fell in love with it.  Obviously Toby is spoiled so we thought it would only make sense that we create toys just like Toby has in his environment to share with the rest of the world.  

Made in the USA!

  • Cubby by Toby's Toys

    Your feathered friend will love this warm cozy hut to stand on or sleep in. The outside of the hut is plush fleece and yet built to be durable and non-collapsible. Made with the highest quality materials as the fleece fabric is easy to care for and resists pilling and frays. Hand made in the U.S.A. by the finest craftsman that put love into every snuggle hut. Highest quality cubby on the market. Great for small to medium birds (from Lovebirds to Galahs). Comes with two Stainless Steel quick links for hanging.

    Product dimensions: 7 1/2 Inch Diameter x 9 Inches Long. Each Cozy is One of a Kind! Pattern will vary.

    Photo courtesy of Mango, a sun conure, and his mom, Heather
    REG $29.99
  • Toby's Toys Ringy Dingy

    These fleece rings bring joy to every bird. They love to play and hold onto these toys with great delight. Made of the finest materials and with a great deal of love. Pair this with a cozy cubby and your best friend will be in heaven.

    Approximate Dimensions: Ring Diameter 7 Inches. Tassel length aproximately 8 Inches. Each Dingy is one of a kind! Patterns will vary. Comes with Stainless Steel Quick Link for hanging.
    REG $9.99
  • Toby's Toys Jelly Dingy

    These fleece softies are fat and adorable. Great for small to medium sized birds and make a great addition to any environment. High quality hand made toy everyone will enjoy. Approximate Dimensions: Outside diameter: 7 1/2 Inches. Tassel length: 8 Inches.

    Each Jelly Dingy is one of a kind! Pattern will vary. Comes with Stainless Steel Quick Link for hanging.
    REG $14.99
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