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A variety of CDs to help teach your bird to talk and sing.

Varieties range from Canaries to Macaws.

  • Bird Sitter DVD

    SKU: BS

    The Bird Sitter DVD

    The goal in producing the Bird Sitter was to create the opportunity for your parrots to experience life the way they were meant to. The Bird Sitter exposes your bird to the sights and sounds of hundreds of parrots engaging in everyday life in a flock. It will give your bird constant mental stimulus making him happier and healthier.


    The Bird Sitter Video/DVD is filled with Extras!

    • Introduction
    • Viewing Tips
    • "Bird Sitter" continuous loop
    • 5 bonus music sound tracks
    • "Lots of Babies"
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    SALE: $9.88
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  • Feathered Phonics International Edition Vol. 5

    SKU: FF5

    This CD is jammed pack with 97 Words and phrases in eight different languages that you can teach your bird! Tracks include English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and German. Some popular phrases include "hello", "pretty bird", "I love you", "Polly wants a cracker" and many more! You'll have a multilingual bird in no time!

    REG: $14.99
    SALE: $10.99
  • Feathered Phonics Outback Edition Vol 6

    SKU: FF6

    It's easy to teach your bird to speak with a true Australian accent! Tracks include "Good day mate", "Here kitty kitty kitty", "Hey Sheila" plus many more prases. Also includes 7 Bonus Tracks! 

    REG: $14.99
    SALE: $10.99
  • Feathered Phonics Teach your Canary to Sing Vol 7

    SKU: FFC7

    The Easy Way to Teach Your Canary to Sing! -- your male canary may instantly surprise you by bursting into full competitive song once he hears many of the tracks on this CD. You have to see it to believe it! It's hard for males to resist the temptation of competing with another strong voice! This CD is also great for females to induce nesting!

    REG: $14.99
    SALE: $10.99
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