Table Top Play Gyms for Parrots

Great for easy transport or travel.
  • DBL6
    Double Decker Play Gym

    Complete with Chew toys, this gym is recommended for small to medium birds.

    This large multi-bird lay gym has two floors. The lower base is approximately 14" x 18". The top base is 10" x 14". Total height is 20" tall.  Easily transported, too! 

    Photo courtesy of Sunny and her mom, Jennifer, from Wisconsin. Sunny is an adorable pied cockatiel.

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  • PT24304
    Small Bird Basketball Play Gym

    Birdie Basketball by Nature's Instinct

    Teach your bird the art of shooting hoops! The Birdie Basketball Gym from Nature's Instinct is a "real" bird gym, complete with a basketball and hoop! This innovative bird toy allows you to spend quality time with your fine-feathered athlete by teaching him to drop the ball through the hoop. The best part is, once a basket is made a treat automatically dispenses to reward your bird and reinforce his amazing athletic ability! Your reward is priceless interaction with your pet. After shooting a round of hoops, birds can manipulate the agility rings and then pump a little iron for a full birdie workout. Click picture for more information.

    15x10x13" high

    Regular Price: $21.99
    Sale Price: $17.49
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