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Double Decker Play Gym


Complete with Chew toys, this gym is recommended for small to medium birds.

This large multi-bird lay gym has two floors. The lower base is approximately 14" x 18". The top base is 10" x 14". Total height is 20" tall.  Easily transported, too! 

Photo courtesy of Sunny and her mom, Jennifer, from Wisconsin. Sunny is an adorable pied cockatiel.

Rating: 5 star(s)

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Photo courtesy of Bowser and his mom, Lindsey, in Georgia

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:The way this gym is built, it allows for the addition of toys and ladders to enhance the bird's enjoyment. Also, as it is mostly made of wood, the gym itself is a chew toy. It is very light weight and easy to assemble.
Cons:Although this play gym is for small to medium birds, the perches are very far apart which can make getting onto the gym and moving from perch to perch a bit of a challenge for non-flighted birds. I had to add ladders so that my Senegal Parrot could make his way around it.
Comments:My bird absolutely loves climbing around and playing with the various toys that are hanging on the two levels. It was really fun to watch him learn how to navigate his way around it.

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