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  • Hari Tropican Lifetime 2mm Granules 25 lb bag

    SKU: B-HAG80517-BB
    • Natural Fruit Flavours; Apple, Orange and Banana
    • Three Natural Colours; Chlorophyll Green, Carotenoid Orange and Natural Tan
    • Seven Grains and nuts including corn, wheat, oats, soybean, rice, sunflower and peanut
    • Contains no Ethoxyquin and no artificial sweeteners

    REG $52.99
  • Higgins Worldly Cuisines Inca Bean Salad 2.5#

    SKU: A-HWC32217-BB
    BEST VALUE! Inca Bean Salad 2.5# before Cooking. A six bean and healthy quinoa blend inspired by South American cuisines. Includes black, pinto, red kidney, garbanzo, navy and lentil beans as well as sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes and more all mixed in bed of pre-rinsed quinoa. Cooks in 10 minutes!
    REG: $25.99
    SALE: $19.49
  • Planet Pleasures Gypsy Queen Small

    SKU: JX-PP2055

    The Gypsy Queen is another great option for parrots who tend to overpreen, feather worriers or pluckers. Lots of texture and movement in this toy. Coconut chunks, colorful corn cobs, shells, woven palm balls and stars provide foraging and enrichment! Oyster shells are tied between natural pods which are then adorned with even more palm shreds plus a braided ball on the bottom for durability. Recommended for small birds, such as conures, caiques, pionus, tiels, etc.  to less destructive medium birds,such as eclectus, greys, etc.

    11" long with hanger and "tail" x 3.25" wide


    REG: $9.79
    SALE: $7.25
    Sold Out
  • Planet Pleasures Space Shuttle

    SKU: JX-PP2052

    The Space Shuttle is a great option for parrots who tend to overpreen, feather worriers or pluckers. Lots of texture and movement in this toy. Coconut chunks, colorful corn cobs, shells, a huge woven ball and corn husks provide foraging and enrichment!  Great for pluckers and overpreeners. Recommended for medium birds, such as eclectus, greys, galahs, etc.

    14" long with hanger and "tail" x 5" wide


    REG: $17.49
    SALE: $13.99
    Sold Out
  • Cardboard Alpine Christmas Tree

    Just in time for the holidays! How much fun is this? A huge cardboard 3 dimensional tree just for your birds! Decorate with your favorite toys. We chose selections from What the Flock Bird Toys

    Ships flat and easily assembled!  Laser cut from locally sourced,  recycled cardboard. Tree measures 22"L x 22"W x 22"H. Lots of room for lightweight toys! PLEASE NOTE TOYS ARE NOT INCLUDED. 

    Made in the USA of SFI certified cardboard, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.

    REG: $28.99
    SALE: $21.74
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  • Lixit 23" Leopard Carrier Bargain Basement

    SKU: ZZ-LIX8412-BB

    MISSING SHOULDER STRAP. These 23" pet carriers come in a variety of trend setting patterns and colors.  Our favorites are Bandana Pink and Leopard Spots.The double door design makes it easy to place and remove pets from the carrier. The top door opens both width and long ways and is fully removable. The shoulder strap makes transport easy and convenient. Available in two sizes that accommodate birds and other pets ranging from 5 to 20 pounds.

    23.0 X 16.5 X 16.5 H

    REG: $49.99
    SALE: $37.49
    Sold Out
  • Golden Gourmet Beet Chips 8 oz


    Amazing, delicious, and crunchy beet chips. Human grade. Repackaged from bulk. 

    REG: $4.99
    SALE: $3.74
  • Dehydrated Green Bean Chips BULK PER 1/4 LB


    Looking for only those crunchy green beans that come in the Veggie Chip mix? Well now you can finally get some! Delicious and crunchy green bean chips.  A fun treat for small to large birds, as well as small kids and big kids!

    REG: $2.75
    SALE: $2.06
  • Golden Gourmet Butternut Squash Per 1/4 Lb

    Freeze Dried Butternut Squash Chunks. Serve as a dried treat or soak and serve wet.

    Add 1/3 cup of water to 1 cup of Freeze-Dried Butternut Squash and let sit for 5-10 minutes or until tender. Drain excess water and watch your bird enjoy.
    REG: $6.00
    SALE: $4.50
  • Coconut Bird House with Three Holes

    A hallowed out natural coconut with three large holes. Hangs by natural rope. Size is approximately 4 1/2 inches wide with a 2 inch opening. Recommended for smaller birds, such as finches, canaries, parrotlets and lovebirds. Can also be used as a foraging toy! Place crinkle paper or non-perishable treats inside (or both). Make it fun and enrich their environment.
    REG: $3.75
    SALE: $2.81
    Sold Out
  • Rainbow Hors D'Oeuvres

    SKU: K-PT868
    Recommended for Small birds, such as cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets and similarly sized birds.

    • Vibrantly colored wood slats on a sturdy chain
    • Slats can be spun and maneuvered in multiple 'fan' shapes
    • Great chew toy for small birds
    • Measures 20 x 6 x 6
    REG: $8.99
    SALE: $6.74
    Sold Out
  • Pony Bead Mixture 1/4 ounce

    Stars, flower and a few hearts. Great for toy making for the little beaks and talons. 

    1/4 Ounce yields approximately 35 beads
    REG: $1.50
    SALE: $1.12
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