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Find an item at a better price? It happens. Don't worry! We'll gladly match OR BEAT the compeition!  We've got you covered!

Just a few perks...
  1. The item must be the exact product and must be in stock
  2. A link to the item must be provided so that we can meet or BEAT the competitor's total price
  3. We will give you double rewards for electing to shop with us and use our Price Match Guarantee! 
  4. Email us at so that we can make the necessary adjustments for you. It's that easy!
  5. If the price match requested is from a site with inflated shipping costs, or a site that does not offer the same shipping as My Safe Bird Store, the price match will be the lesser of the two totals. Many sites offer lower pricing but make huge profits on shipping. In these situations, My Safe Bird Store is less expensive on the end total 99% of the time
  6. Price matching is not subject to any additional promotions offered by My Safe Bird Store
  7. We reserve the right to decline the price match, as some big box stores offer "loss leader" pricing on some items.  We do our best to avoid these situations and thank you for understanding.
Shop WORRY FREE and with CONFIDENCE from our TOTALLY BIRD-FREE environment... We pride ourselves on choosing the best and safest possible items for your bird. If we don't carry it, there's a reason...  

Sorry, but we cannot match shipping pricing but will do our best to match or beat our competitor's prices! Price being matched is our price less any promotional discounts applied. No additional discounts can be applied to a price match item.

My Safe Bird Store... because  you are a person and not merely an invoice number.  Thank you for your business! It is very much appreciated.
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