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Bagel Tube Lg 3"x1"x1/8" 4/25/50/100 Pack


Your bird will love chewing and peeling apart these parchment paper toys. These make great inexpensive toys for all sized birds. Non-toxic and safe!

Rating: 5 star(s)
SELECT QUANITY - Large Tube Bagels - available in 4, 25, 50 or 100 counts
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Bagel Tube Large 4 Pack($2.25)
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Bagel Tube Large 25 Pack($8.00)
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Bagel Tube Large 50 Pack($13.00)
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Bagel Tube Large 100 Pack($24.00)
Base Price: $2.48
Selected Options: $0.00
Total Price: $2.48
Availability: In Stock
Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:My birds love anything they can destroy. It keeps them occupied and helps prevent behavioral issues. The bagel is one of their favorite shreddable toys.
Cons:This isn't really a con, but if you have a smaller bird like a conure, you may want to try the smaller bagels first. My birds will chew on this size, but it can be more difficult to chew on than other bagels. I noticed they always leave this size for last.

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Great toy parts

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