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Macaw/Cockatoo Bagel 8" x 3/4" x 1/2"


Your bird will love chewing and peeling apart these parchment paper toys. These make great inexpensive toys for all sized birds. Non-toxic and safe!

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$1.64 / each
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Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:My Catalina got 6 of these for the very first time. He's had smaller ones that pretty much disappear 30 seconds after he gets them to his beak. I decided to try the Macaw/Cockatoo sized bagels and what a hit! It took him a few days to get to them, but now he's got shredded birdie bagels in both of his cages. A success!
Comments:The big guys don't get a lot of variety, so this was a welcome change. It's a big enough toy to last more than a few minutes, and I appreciate that a ton.

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