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Poop-d-Zolver 32 oz Spray Bottle


*NEW* Poop-D-Zolver is an all natural and ready-to-use bird poop remover that almost instantly removes bird poop by enzyme-producing non-pathogenic bacteria. This non-pathogenic bacteria, a good bacteria, naturally 'digests' the poop in the cage/aviary and also works on carpets, upholstery and fabric. The enzymatic properties naturally eliminates smells, rather than merely masking odors with non-[organic fragrances which can be harmful or deadly to your bird.

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Product Information:
INGREDIENTS:  Water, Surfactant, All Natural Active Enzymes and 100% Safe Avian Fragrance.
SURFACTANT:  is an all-natural cleaner that actually makes water wetter to stimulate the absorption process of the natural enzyme activation. This helps to breakdown long strands of bacteria for faster absorption/elimination. 
ABSORPTION PROCESS:  the absorption process renders all bad smelling odors and debris into a 100% safe odorless carbon dioxide.
NATURAL ENZYME :  natural enzymes derived fully from plants and plant oils immediately digest bacteria on all surfaces rendering them clean and freshly scented.
AVIAN SAFE FRAGRANC :  derived from all natural based plant scents and 100 % safe tested for ALL pets.
USAGE: Contents are "READY TO USE" as is --- DO NOT DILUTE.

PREPARATION FOR US:  remove bird(s) from cage and area to be cleaned before application.

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