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Crazy Good Cookin' Cajun Bean 1# Bag

SKU: A-SS39569

Sunseed Crazy Good Cookin' Cajun Bean

Crazy Good Cookin’ Cajun Bean is meant to be fed in addition to a bird’s regular pellet or seed-blend diet. Offer Bean & Corn to your bird in a separate dish from their regular food. Remove any uneaten portion after about 4-5 hours. 1-2 oz per day for small to medium sized birds 3-4 oz per day for larger sized birds

  • Prepare ahead of time for quick and easy feeding
  • Great for birds of all sizes
  • Perfect morning treat or as a snack to occupy your bird during meal time for the humans

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Corn, heat-processed corn, flaked beans, heat-processed barley, green split peas, steam rolled oats, heat-processed soybeans, red lentil seeds, trapper peas, dried rose hips.

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