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Featherbrite Capitol Universal Cagetop Light


NEW AND IMPROVED! Available in white, black, sand and silver. Every day is a sunny day with Featherbrite Full Spectrum Lighting!

The FeatherBrite Full Spectrum Light fits most cages. Lightweight and easy to assemble. Units are 10" square and 10" high. 8 ft. electrical cord. Five non-toxic powder coat colors to choose from! A  full spectrum bulb is included.

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We know Full Spectrum Lighting has been shown to be beneficial to birds by mimicking a bird's natural environment. Full spectrum light helps with natural synthesis of Vitamin D, helps skin and feather health and normal preening behaviors.

With this in mind, Featherbrite has designed lighting for your bird's cage. The universal lights will fit cages with flat tops, dome tops, and Victorian tops.

These full spectrum lights are great for all kinds of birds, finches, parrotlets, parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, conures, senegal parrots, African Greys, macaws, amazons, they love it!

Product Description

* Our FeatherBrite 6w LED daylight full spectrum bulb, our LED UV blue bulb and the adapter is included. These bulbs are the latest in technology and contain no mercury!

* The shade is safe non-toxic powder coat.

* Built in light diffuser to spread the light evenly.

* The new attachment makes it really easy to mount to the cage and it's stainless steel too! You can use the loops to hang your bird's favorite toys.

* Super easy to clean and change the bulb and we mean easy!

* Stainless steel wire safety arm (12 inches) helps keep cord away from cage.

* Light measures 9 inches x 9 inches wide with legs on, 10 inches high and 18 inches long with wire extender. Weighs approximately 2 1/2 lbs.

* 8 ft. electrical cord with off/on switch.

* Your pet bird will absolutely love this light!

Please note: You and your pet's safety is FeatherBrite's top priority. To prevent damage to the light bulb or electrical cord, remove and unplug the light from the top of the cage before your bird comes out to play.

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