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Featherbrite UV Replacement Bulb


This UV bulb is 400 nanometers and 1.5 watt which is a perfect low dose (.04%) UV bulb because it eliminates the worry of how long to use the bulb. You can leave the LED UV bulb on all day and all night if you want to use it as a moonlight. It is a blue/violet light so it is soothing for night fright also. The LED UV bulb is to be used along with the 5500k LED full spectrum day bulb for optimal results. Both the LED full spectrum day bulb and the LED UV bulb used together is 8% UVA and .04% UVB which simulates sunshine without anything harmful for your pet parrot.

We recommend replacing the UV bulb every 6 to 8 months.

There is no mercury in this bulb which is really good for the environment and at 1.5 watts, inexpensive to operate.

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$17.99 / Each

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