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Hari Hagen Tropican Lifetime 4mm Granules per lb

SKU: D-HAG80541-B
  • Natural Fruit Flavours; Apple, Orange and Banana
  • Three Natural Colours; Chlorophyll Green, Carotenoid Orange and Natural Tan
  • Seven Grains and nuts including corn, wheat, oats, soybean, rice, sunflower and peanut
  • Contains no Ethoxyquin and no artificial sweeteners

$5.05 / each
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  • Scientifically formulated as completely balanced extruded 4mm granules, containing 8 grains and nuts for maximum palatability and biological value
  • Flavourful maintenance food for conures, caiques, quakers, pionus and small amazons
  • Contains natural fruit flavours
  • Packed in a colourful air barrier bag with resealable zipper
  • Contains:
    - Fruits - Orange oil, banana oil (for flavour)
    - Seeds - Corn, wheat, rice, sunflower kernal, flaxseed, oat groats
    - Vegetables - Tomato
    - Legumes - Soybean, peanut kernal
    - Others - Spirulina, rosemary extract, vitamins and minerals
    - Protein - 14.0%
    - Fat - 9.0%
    - Fibre - 4.0%

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