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Lafeber's Nutriberries Sunny Orchard Tiel 10 oz

SKU: A-LAF82840

Extra goodness for your bird. Sweet apricots, tempting raisins and tangy cranberries together with other wholesome ingredients like safflower, peanuts and red millet. Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries are loaded with the good things your bird needs and loves. All in a playful berry shape that birds find inviting. So inviting in fact, that 96% of the berry gets eaten. Not a treat or a snack, Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries are a 100% nutritionally complete meal. That's because they contain all the 40 nutrients essential to a bird's health. For taste, nutrition and enjoyment, there's nothing else like Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries.

Rating: 4 star(s)
$9.15 / Each
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Jam-packed with luscious apricots, raisins and cranberries. Eating becomes an enthusiastic adventure to watch. Every berry contains all 40 nutrients essential to your bird's health.

Rating:4 of 5 - Good
Pros:All three of my birds (a cockatiel and two lovebirds) go crazy when they see this bag. I call it "birdnip". It's great to use sparingly as a treat.
Cons:From reading the first comment I'm let down that peanuts are an ingredient. That's the only reason I have given it 4 instead of 5 stars.

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:My birds go crazy when they see the packaging. I have very little waste.
Cons:Has peanuts
Comments:I only use this as a junk food treat. My birds will continue eating as much as I put in so I have to watch how much I give them. I very rarely buy ANYTHING with peanuts in it because of the mold and toxicity issues, but a little teat every once in a while isn't a bad thing.

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:easy accepting

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