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Pick your Menu Value Package #1! Great Value!


Now with more options! Exclusive to MySafeBirdStore. A great way to try new items, provide a very healthy diet and save money! We have selected a group of foods that are full of nutrition. Try a new one each visit!

Follow the option tabs (below) and pick your own custom menu!!

Comes with a FREE surprise gift! Feel free to hint around as to what your bird likes.

SELECT ONE COOKABLE FOOD - Choose ONE cookable item from the next menu.

What species of bird will be the lucky recipient of this custom menu?

SELECT A HEALTHY TREAT - Choose 1 item from the next menu
SELECT A NUT MIX - Choose 1 item from the next menu
SELECT YOUR MAIN FOOD - Choose 1 item from the next menu
FREE GIFT - Select a bird size below. Your free gift will be a surprise!
Base Price: $84.54
Selected Options: $0.00
Total Price: $84.54
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