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Planet Pleasures Stacked Pinata Small

SKU: JX-PP3418
All natural materials woven into a fabulous shredding toy for those smaller beaks! Recommended for smaller birds, such as cockatiels, conures,quakers and similarly sized birds. Can also be used as a foot toy for big beaks! 

Three colorful woven palm leaf pinatas are stuffed with braided shredders and other natural fibers, its dumbell design offers shredding and preening fun and it is sure to become a favorite. It measures approximately 8 nches high by 3 inches wide, and comes with a natural tied rope hanger for easy cage placement.

  • Shredding and preening fun.
  • Great beak pleasing textures.
  • A super toy for your medium to large-sized bird.
  • All natural, bird safe materials.

3.00 W × 8.00 H 
$9.22 / Each
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