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Platinum Tweeter Foraging Feeder Large

SKU: L-SFB60048

Birds are incredibly smart, and challenging toys can provide hours of stimulation.  In nature, foraging for food and treats are part of daily life. Foraging Feeder™ is an incredibly strong plastic container.  It is actually made from materials used to manufacture bullet proof glass. That is why we say it is Bird Proof™!  Simply add nuts or other favorite treats to keep your pet challenged and stimulated.  The small is 4 inches in diameter and 5 1/2 inches high. Recommended for medium to large birds, such as greys, eclectus, goffins, larger conures, macaws, cockatoos and similarly sized birds.

Your birds will look forward to a fun mealtime when each meal becomes an adventure. Easy to hang with provided quick link.

$15.99 / Each
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