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Aronico Aglet Heaven Large


A #1 Best Seller! Save your shoelaces by giving your birds their own set of laces! This will keep your feathered family member busy for hours! Great for pluckers and overpreeners.

Ring is 4" in diameter. Lace length is 8 1/4"

Picture courtesy of Toby, a Rosebreasted Cockatoo,
and his mom, Tina, in Ohio

Rating: 5 star(s)
$13.49 / each
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Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:My military macaw had a stroke over 4 years ago when she was at a parrot shelter before we adopted her. She has made remarkable progress her board certified avian veterinarians say and this toy has been great for her neck physical therapy. She plays with it differently than her other toys. She actually LIFTS her head and preens and removes the plastic. It's so great for her neck muscles. We are on her 2nd toy and she plays with it for HOURS a day on the sofa while I supervise her. She's been playing with her 2 of them for 4 months and I'm ordering more today, she has almost all the plastic removed. She just LOVES them! This toy is wonderful and encourages her to lift up her head and use her neck muscles! Toy also helps her with her foot coordination.
Comments:Great rehab toy for parrots who had strokes and need special encouragement to play.

Rating:5 of 5 - Excellent
Pros:Great toy part

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