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Bodacious Bites Explosion by Prevue Hendryx

SKU: EE-PV62376

Prevue Bodacious Bites Explosion features a bonanza of enticing textures to encourage natural preening behavior. Loaded with naturally intersting materials like sisal, coconut shells, straws, wood and cotton rope. Ideal for large birds.


  1. Bodacious bites toys encourage foot and beak exercise
  2. Your bird will spend hours climbing, swinging and gnawing on a variety of shapes and textures
  3. Made from 100-percent safe, non-toxic fancy colors and materials
  4. Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment
  5. 23-inch long and 11-inch wide
  6. Made from 100-percent safe, non-toxic FD&C colors and materials
$39.37 / each
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