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A very special bird with his new sneakers


Romeo is a very special young Austral conure who came to The Gabriel Foundation when he was extremely young. The folks had purchased him at a major corporate pet store and weren’t prepared for the noise. He has significant neurological problems, so his living space has been specially adapted for him. His favorite toy in the entire world is this little sneaker. His favorite food is Bird Street Bistro’s Cinnaspice Delight. TGF does whatever they can to keep him happy and nourished for whatever time he has left. He is a special favorite of the aviary staff.

Romeo is also featured on FACEBOOK! Be sure to "LIKE" him! Below is a short video of Romeo. My Safe Bird Store recently donated a good supply of sneakers to Romeo, but he can always use more or a nice supply of Cinnaspice Delight! 

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