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Buzzy is a star, and so is his mom!


Buzzy is pictured here ready to destroy his next finger trap. Here's Buzzy's story:  Buzzy was rescued from an overcrowding situation. The other birds had plucked the feathers out of his neck, the back of his head, and half of his back. Now that he's an only bird (and is eating a better diet than he had been), his feathers are slowly coming back. More importantly, he seems to enjoy being king of the castle! He loves toys he can tear up, and finger traps are definitely his favorite.


Buzzy lives with his mom, Jennifer, in Michigan. She's definitely Buzzy's angel.

Buzzy's  mom just set up a facebook page for him so be sure to like him. Here's the link:
Buzzy's Facebook Page


Buzzy is also featured on the MSBS FACEBOOK page, so be sure to "LIKE" him!






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