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Super Bird Flying Trapeez

SKU: H-SB748

Hanging activity center appeals to your bird's love of height and enrichment. Made of a natural seagrass mat, the Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Platform Swing Bird Toy is a unique, fun new way to keep pet birds happily occupied. A natural platform and four anchoring points provide comfortable footing as your bird plays with an assortment of brightly colored plastic charms and beads. Great for special abled birds.

14" x 13"


Photo courtesey of Julian, an 18 Year Old African Grey, and his mom, Mia, from Pennsylvania.

Mom wrote:  He is a very special parrot with a bit of a rough history full of emotional neglect; he is not always interested in toys and is a plucker (I am devoted to making his life happier) but as you can see he went nuts for this toy, which also serves as a great template for making toys. This is such a winner and he gets such great exercise flapping as hard as he can while hanging upside down! Julian and I are both very happy!"

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