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Forever Feathers Rescue

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Unfortunately, situations can arise in which birds need to be removed from their current homes, either temporarily or permanently. Changes in family circumstances or financial difficulties can sometimes lead to neglect or even abuse. If these types of events occur, Feathers Forever Rescue is available to help. We will step in to aid owners and birds in need, and help them through the difficulties that are affecting their birds.
Feathers Forever Rescue provides both group and individualized education programs for novices and experienced bird owners alike. We do outreach at pet stores, schools, clubs, and trade shows. We also provide assistance to people who want a more rewarding relationship with their companion birds.
As of 2015, we have placed over 1500 exotic birds into loving homes, and we have 4 birds in our permanent care as a result of health and/or behavioral concerns. We primarily serve Lower Michigan and neighboring states.
Birds that come under the protection of Feathers Forever Rescue are evaluated to determine their physical and emotional health. After this period of assessment, the rehabilitation process begins. This process helps the bird prepare to become a fully integrated member of a forever family. Depending on the bird’s condition when it arrives at Feathers Forever, it may take weeks, or even months for this process to be completed.
Feathers Forever Rescue carefully screens prospective bird parents to make sure they are properly matched with a companion bird, and provides an opportunity for the bird to become acquainted with its new family in order to be sure they are compatible before moving day.
No matter how long it takes, Feathers Forever Rescue will never place a bird with a new family until we are sure that bird is ready to go to its forever home, and that its new family is well-prepared to love and care for it.

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Feathers Forever Rescue Inc. 2675 E.Sanilac Rd. Carsonville MI 48456

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