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Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

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Our Mission Statement...

The purpose of the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary is to assist in the preservation, protection and the study of birds and small animals.

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Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary
8103 Racel St.
Las Vegas 89131

Wish List:

Food Items: Pistachios (raw, unsalted) Almonds (raw, unsalted) Walnuts (raw, unsalted) Uncooked small white beans Uncooked pinto beans Uncooked barley Uncooked (small size) pasta Dried fruit Peanuts (pigs love them!!) Cracked corn Nutriberries Avi-cakes Spray Millet Other animal needs: Salt/Mineral Blocks Fly Traps Enrichment toys for horses, pigs, goats

Non-Food Items: Parrot toys and toy parts Clean, parrot cages, Pet crates, Untreated natural sisal in ¼” diameter, Natural Hemp, Jolly Balls in all sizes, bedding 

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