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Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services (MAARS)

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MAARS is the oldest avian rescue organization in the Midwest providing sanctuary, rehabilitation, education and behavioral consultations for our avian friends and their guardians. The , , and other  of MAARS have extensive experience working with exotic captive parrots of many species. We are a no-kill, non-profit organization funded solely through

MAARS’ primary function is to care for the MAARS flock at our shelter, The Landing. On any given day, approximately 90 birds call The Landing
home. MAARS' core mission is to educate the public and people who already live with birds about proper bird care. We feel that education about bird care and behavior helps people to provide the best homes possible for the birds already in captivity. Additionally, MAARS advocates and partners with other organizations working to protect parrots in the wild and their habitats.

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MAARS was created in response to captive parrots whose needs are not being met: Those who will lose their homes because their loving human caretakers become ill, start a human family, move, or experience another life change. Those who are bought to serve only as living room decorations, status symbols, or business mascots. Those who will be "replaced" by a more hand-able baby when their adult instincts start showing. Those who are born with or develop physical or mental health problems in captivity. Those who will overwhelm a bird breeder or
collector with their numbers. Those who will be sentenced to languishing in small cages, never again to feel the sun polish their feathers, or know the exhilaration of flight, or hear a loving voice. Those whose
hearts will ache with loneliness and whose minds will be tormented by boredom and confinement.

Since the founding of MAARS in July 1999, almost 1500 unwanted parrots have come through our doors. More than 1400 birds have been successfully placed into permanent homes. MAARS is currently a sanctuary only facility and due to space and resource limitations, closed to new intakes.

Although these numbers may seem high, they represent only one tree in an entire forest of unwanted and unplaceable captive parrots and other birds. The need for programs like MAARS is growing rapidly. The birds desperately need us and your help!

Galiena Cimperman
Director of Intake Services


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Shipping information for donations to this rescue is as follows:

Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services
1360 University Ave W. STE 104
St Paul, MN 55104

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