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Foraging toys are an essential part of your bird's daily routine. Remember... Busy minds make Happy birds!
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  • Windmill Foraging Toy by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF754

    * Unscrew wingnut and fill top chamber with food
    * Wing nut must be completely tightened - spins with bottom paddles
    * Birds must continue turning the top wheel which rotates the baffles to release small portions of food in the recovery tray below
    * Unit attaches to the cage with double post screw-on fittings

    Great for small to medium sized birds such as caiques, conures, mini-macaws, small cockatoos, caiques, conures, amazons, pionus, quakers, senegals, greys, etc.

    Video courtesy of Scribble, a Green Cheek Conure, and his mom, Kirsty, in Queensland, Australia.

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  • Foraging Wheel X-Large by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF755

    * Fill with your choice of foods
    * 6" diameter wheel
    * Mounts vertically with access chamber at the top
    * Parrot spins the wheel to bring food to the recovery chamber

    Made for medium to large birds

    Video courtesy of Cumari, a female Eclectus, and her mom, Jen, in Queensland, Australia

    Thanks, Jen!

    REG $32.11
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  • Stainless Steel Foraging Cage Small

    SKU: K-PT196

    NEW Safe, stainless steel foraging cage. Can be filled daily with fresh vegetables or let your imagination run wild! Stuff with paper or wood blocks.

    4" x 4" X 5.5"

    REG $25.36
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  • Stainless Steel Foraging Cage Large

    SKU: K-PT197

    NEW Safe, stainless steel foraging cage. Can be filled daily with fresh vegetables or let your imagination run wild! Stuff with paper or wood blocks.

    6" x 6" x 7"

    REG $30.72
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  • Reinforcement Foraging Wheel by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF613

    The wheel is a favorite with highly active parrots especially Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos and Macaws as well as the very clever parrots i.e. African Greys, in fact it seems to be enthusiastically enjoyed by most parrots.


    Video courtesy of Cody, the Severe Macaw, and her mom, Dawn in Washington State

    REG $21.41
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  • Foraging Carousel 6 X 6 by Creative Foraging

    SKU: K-PTCF722

    Spinning Carousel This highly interactive device provides entertainment for parrots and their human companions. The carousel bracket mounts on the side of the cage. The device is a six inch cross which houses 4 two inch square boxes. The lid on each box opens differently and the entire device spins freely on the bracket. Please click the picture for additional information and additional videos.

    Video courtesy of Capo, the African Grey, and his dad, Ivan, in Croatia

    REG $26.75
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  • Turn 'N Learn Logs

    SKU: K-PTNI2482

    Add healthy foraging activity to your bird's environment with this puzzle/treat holder device. Hide your birdie's favorite treats inside the logs. Twist the Turn 'N Learn Logs together and hang.

    For beginners, the logs may be twisted loosely. Birds just can't resist the twisting fun!

    REG $17.82
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  • Nature's Instinct Rings of Fortune

    SKU: K-PTNI24284

    Build your bird's brilliance. Hide treats inside, spin the rings and watch your bird try to solve the puzzle. Made from super tough polymer to withstand tough chewers. Cleans easily with soap and water. Dishwasher safe. Recommended for medium to large birds.

    REG $19.78
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